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Biomechanical Screening

AlliedPhysio are very proactive in injury prevention and offer a full screening service for all levels of sports person.  The evaluation will be closely tailored to the specific ‘sports skill’ and users of this service will receive concise feedback of their deficits and associated risks of injury/re-injury.

For example, a tight calf muscle can have a catastrophic effect on the whole gait system, dramatically increasing rotational forces at the pelvis and causing a host of lumber and lower limb injuries.  Similarly, hamstring injuries are often a product of other biomechanical discrepancies such as excessive anterior pelvic tilt, which in turn maybe a secondary consequence of tight hip flexors.  Sadly, many such injuries are very preventative with early or periodic screening.

A review of all the common structures prone to shorten and weaken with a specific program to address a strategy that will be driven to be preventative rather than curative.

Screening interventions are assessed across both static and dynamic movement patterns.

Still shot and treadmill analysis are frequently used for more complex biomechanical dysfunction.  

Where needed, cost effective orthotics may be prescribed, but only as an addition to intervention.  Experience has shown that orthotics used in isolation are helpful but limiting, with many clients returning to the couch or even the surgeons knife.

Many of the screening methods used  can be applied to higher level neurological clients and have been very effective in the latter stages of head and spinal injury rehab, see [neuro]