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Acupuncture originated in China over two thousand years ago and is used by practitioners to treat a wide range of medical conditions and stress related problems.

When western scientists recognised the link between acupuncture and the release of natural pain killing and healing chemicals, the path was paved for medical professionals such as physiotherapists to be trained in the art of acupuncture.

Strong scientific evidence confirms the effects of acupuncture for osteo-arthritic joints and soft tissue injuries. Up to 80% of people are totally pain free following acupuncture in combination with other physiotherapy treatments.

At AlliedPhysio, current practice is endorsed by membership of the AACP (Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists -  Book a session to see how acupuncture may help when many other interventions have failed.  

AlliedPhysio prefer not to use acupuncture in isolation and will look to complement acupuncture with other physiotherapy interventions.  However, on request we will always consider individual treatments.